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Use a team room as a base for contractor staff or other employees working on short-term projects
All workspaces are supplied with high-speed WiFi included and refreshments available on request. Our professional reception staff will also be on-hand to welcome colleagues when they arrive.
Why choose a team room?
The room will be set up as you need it, before you arrive.
Global ​network
Operate a team from over ​​3000 locations worldwide.
Why choose a team room?
What does a team room include?
High-speed WiFi, a phone and AV equipment are included in the hire.
Professional support
Reception staff are on-hand to provide any support you need.
Apspriežu telpu pakalpojumi
A flipchart, whiteboard and pens available if you need them.
Who would benefit from a team room?
Contingent workforces
A space to accommodate seasonal or contractor staff.
Lieli uzņēmumi
Use as a space for brainstorming ideas, away from your main office.

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